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Achieving Video KYC Completion Rate of Over 85%- Here's How to Do It

Thanks to the latest RBI decision now you can perform the Video-KYC in a jiffy and the customer acquisition process gets smoother than ever before. But, what if due to low bandwidth the process gets interrupted midway? As your VKYC completion rate dips lower so does your hope of getting the customer onboard. But, with Kwik.ID Video KYC at low bandwith is possible, to find out how read on.

What are the obstacles?

What you need to realize is the fact that VKYC completion rate could get disrupted by a number of factors along with low bandwidth, such a low lighting issue or, customers not having much technical knowledge, this list is endless. But, the point is such factors would keep on disrupting the onboarding process, if not taken care of.

The Video KYC solution by Kwik.ID can battle such random issues and helps you achieve a completion rate of over 85% in just 3 minutes! It sounds like magic but, actually it's advanced technology that weeds out all the issues to make the Video based KYC identification process smoother.

Here are some salient features of the Kwik.ID’s Video KYC solution:

  • Preparing the customer with a pre-session guidance - Tutorials help the customers be well prepared for the real session.

  • Offering low bandwidth support- Bad network can be the biggest disruptor, but, the Low Bandwidth Support feature of Kwik.ID takes care of the issue and lets you continue on with the session.

  • Lighting alert to take care of the poor lighting situation-Poor lighting quality can be another bugging issue that is taken care of with a detection tool that notifies if the condition is really bad.

Apart from these there are plenty more useful features available to ensure that nothing stands between you and your customer during the verification procedure.

The Kwik.ID’s Video KYC solution is not only advantageous but is also 100% RBI compliant. Having access to the Best Video KYC tool, lets you achieve a higher level of efficiency.

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